April 2015


In April Jack Parow started working on new material and it’s coming together great!




·      Jack Parow got to be part of the Child Welfare day event & Tekkie Tax day on 1st April

·      Jack Parow attended The Penguin non-fiction presentation on April 21st to promote his upcoming book. It will be the Jack Parow story as told by Jack Parow to Theunis Engelbrecht.          

·      Jack Parow attended the Cape Camino supper.

·      Jack Parow had a great performance at the Africa Bike weekend in Margate, Durban on April 24th

·      Jack Parow has started weekly boxing training for the Reach For A Dream charity celebrity boxing match taking place on 4 July @ Trinity Night Club, Cape Town.

·      Jack Parow’s Pasella interview is now on YouTube, check it here - youtu.be/TvcTp7XHe14 

·      Jack Parow  has 9 #1 top 10 hits on 5FM – ONE more to go.


Gigs played: 


Ø  3 April 2015 - Q-Bar Lounge and Deck

Ø  4 April 2015 - The Showroom Theatre

Ø  10 April 2015 - Kenilworth Racecourse (U19 festival)

Ø  11 April 2015 - The Cape Farmhouse

Ø  24 April 2015 - (Africa Bike weekend) Margate


Parow Promo – April 15


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Tuks FM Top 30: #4 Staan Op ( 1 April)


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