June 2015

The past month was a busy one for Jack Parow with shows nationwide from Durban North - Kloof, Noordhoek - Krugersdorp - Boksburg and ended the month off in Pretoria at Park Acoustics on 28th June performing alongside Francois Van Coke and the turnout was great as usual.


Pre production for the new single’s music video started in June and is looking great. The music video and single will be released on 28 July 2015 and will be featuring Riky Rick.




Ø  Jack Parow launched is own online merchandise shop on 12th June 2015. Check it out here - http://www.jackparow.co.za/store

Ø  Jack Parow continued with his weekly boxing training for the Reach For A Dream charity celebrity boxing match on 4 July @ Trinity Night Club, Cape Town – More info here: http://www.quicket.co.za/events/9627-unfinished-business/#/


Gigs played:


Ø  6 June 2015 - The Dutch, Durban North

Ø  7 June 2015 - Open Strings, Kloof

Ø  19 June 2015 - Café Roux, Noordhoek

Ø  24 June 2015 - Grizzlies, Pretoria

Ø  25 June 2015 - Parkers Silverstar Casino 

Ø  26 June 2015 - Presley’s Boksburg

Ø  27 June 2015 - Presley’s PTA

Ø  28 June 2015 - Jack Parow & Francois Van Coke - Park Acoustics

May 2015


Jack Parow kicked May off with a performance at the The SwinG and SinG day at Hillside Golf Course, thereafter he jetted off to Dubai for a show on 8th May where he received great support.


Jägermeister Presents Jack Parow Live Tour kicked off mid May and the month ended on a high note with a Jack Parow UBER Activation dedicated to him and his fans.


Jack Parow has been working on a new single to be released by the end of July 2015. It will be released with a killer music video.




·    Jack Parow traveled to Dubai to perform at HOUSEofAFRIKA on 8th May – Great turnout

·     Jägermeister Presents Jack Parow Live Tour happened in Pretoria 14th, Potch 15th & Bloem 16th May.

·      Jack Parow released a fun version of ‘Last Laugh’ titled ‘Last Laugh Eastern Version’. Check the video here:  http://bit.ly/1KbvI2v

·      Jack Parow continued his weekly boxing training for the Reach For A Dream charity celebrity boxing match on 4 July @ Trinity Night Club, Cape Town.

·       Jack Parow was part of an UBER activation took place on 30th May­­­.

Gigs played:


Ø  2 May 2015 - Hillside Golf Course, Pretoria (The SwinG and SinG day)

Ø  8 May 2015 - HOUSEofAFRIKA at THe Dekon8 (Dubai)

Ø  14 May 2015 - Atterbury Teater, Pretoria

Ø  15 May 2015 - Mystic Boer Potchefstroom

Ø  16 May 2015 - Mystic Boer Bloemfontein

Ø  29 May 2015 - Ej’s Entertainment, Strand




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ASTV playlist: Skoppity, Ode to You, Stuck in Limbo


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Tuks FM - Woolly Winter Telethon interview: 29 May





Trouble in Paradys playlisted:

Kovsie FM

Casino: Carnival radio, Windmill Radio and Sun Coast Radio.

West Coast Radio

Scatterlings of Africa

Bush Radio



Channel24 – profile article: June (with release of single & video)

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Uber Press release:

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Last Laugh press release

Uber press release

Jack Parow & Uber 30 May!

This Saturday, 30th of May, we're hosting a bus party like no other!


All Uber users in Cape Town stand a chance of successfully requesting a spot on board an UberBUS to party the night away with SA music legend, Jack Parow!


How UberBUS works


  1. Enter the promo code JackParow to unlock the UberBus view on the Uber app
  2. Starting at 6:00 PM, Saturday 30 May, you will be able to request a spot for yourself and THREE friends on the UberBus FOR FREE!
  3. Simply toggle over to the UberBUS option and request a ride as you normally would
  4. If you are one of the lucky first few to successfully request, the UberBUS will be sent to your location to collect you and three friends


Guests can look forward to a live, VIP performance by everyone’s favourite South African rapper, Jack Parow, on board the double decker bus! That’s not all! Lucky winners will receive a FREE ride home from Aandklas using the Uber service. All you need to do to win this insane experience? Download the Uber application and input the code!


Not yet an Uber user? Be sure to sign up HERE


The details:


  • The bus will leave the Parow bus station at 6:15pm, with successful requesters being collected throughout the city and driven through Bellville, Durbanville and ending in Stellenbosch
  • Request in the Northern Suburbs for the greatest chance of snagging a spot!


Weren’t able to snag a spot on the UberBUS? Be sure to join us at well-known Stellies hangout spot, Aandklas for the official after party! Demand for this exclusive experience is going to be huge, so all you party animals, be prepared!

All aboard? 

April 2015


In April Jack Parow started working on new material and it’s coming together great!




·      Jack Parow got to be part of the Child Welfare day event & Tekkie Tax day on 1st April

·      Jack Parow attended The Penguin non-fiction presentation on April 21st to promote his upcoming book. It will be the Jack Parow story as told by Jack Parow to Theunis Engelbrecht.          

·      Jack Parow attended the Cape Camino supper.

·      Jack Parow had a great performance at the Africa Bike weekend in Margate, Durban on April 24th

·      Jack Parow has started weekly boxing training for the Reach For A Dream charity celebrity boxing match taking place on 4 July @ Trinity Night Club, Cape Town.

·      Jack Parow’s Pasella interview is now on YouTube, check it here - youtu.be/TvcTp7XHe14 

·      Jack Parow  has 9 #1 top 10 hits on 5FM – ONE more to go.


Gigs played: 


Ø  3 April 2015 - Q-Bar Lounge and Deck

Ø  4 April 2015 - The Showroom Theatre

Ø  10 April 2015 - Kenilworth Racecourse (U19 festival)

Ø  11 April 2015 - The Cape Farmhouse

Ø  24 April 2015 - (Africa Bike weekend) Margate


Parow Promo – April 15


Tjop & Dop – article: Winter issue

The Times – book article: 24 April http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2015/04/24/parow-puts-his-life-into-words---from-a-to-zef

Son: http://www.son.co.za/sonmobiclub/2015-04-24-jack-parow-se-boek-is-gou-op-die-rakke


Kwaai TV – interview: 2 May

e-TV Beatslab – music videos


Kovsie FM – interview: https://soundcloud.com/lize-mari-smit/jack-parow-vegas-interview-at

Cut FM – playlisted Skoppity


5FM Top 40: #11 Skoppity (7 April)

Tuks FM Top 30: #4 Staan Op ( 1 April)


Newsit: http://www.newsit.co.za/2015/04/23/channel24-co-za-look-jack-parow-wrote-a-book/

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What’s On: http://www.whatson.co.za/details.php?id=166192

Media Update: http://www.mediaupdate.co.za/News/Article/78171/Jack-Daniels-backs-Africa-Bike-Week-in-full-force

Louise Pieterse: http://www.louisepieterse.com/#!WHATS-NEW-IN-THE-WORLD-OF-JACK-PAROW/c2x0/5537a20f0cf2adc1acdcbd58
























October 2014

October was an active and exciting month as per usual. The Jägermeister presents Jack Parow October Tour kicked off on 4 October in Witbank & ended on 31 October @ Café Roux with a Halloween party.




The music video for the 4th single from ‘Nag Van Die Lang Pette’ titled ‘Veilig’ was launched and play listed on Kyknet & Kyknet Musiek. It is the first Jack Parow ‘lyric video’. Check it here:



 Jack Parow appeared on Expresso on 8 Oct.

Jack Parow appeared in the new Cell C advert and was aired 4 October 2014. Have you seen it?


 Jack Parow did a short performance at the Lineages of Freedom Concert at the University of Western Cape on 20 October 2014 for all their students including a special group of 65 Grade 11's, coming from the Delf Community, Cape Town, who will be visiting their Campus for the day as part of their outreach programmer to encourage students in disadvantaged communities to further their education and rise above their circumstances.

 The new and fifth single ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ from ‘Nag Van Die Lang Pette’ was play listed on 5FM


‘Stuck In Limbo’ (from Nag Van Die Lang Pette) was also play listed on Goodhope FM.

Jack Parow’s Facebook page is in the running to win the “Best Facebook page” on Channel24 Awards – vote here


Gigs played:

2 October 2014 - Eastwoods, Bellville

4 October 2014 – Spring Feva

4 October 2014 – Joburg City festival

10 October 2014 - Aardklop

11 October 2014 - Stones Bedfordview

14 October 2014 - Café Barcelona

15 October 2014 - Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein

          16 October 2014 - Zeplins Rock Shack Centurion

          17 October 2014 - Arcade Empire Pretoria

          31 October 2014 - Café Roux

parow arcade-2463.jpg

October Banner



Expresso Show: 8 Oct

Booze Traveller: Shoot 5 Oct; air TBC

MTV ZA – playlisted Ode to You

kykNet Musiek – submitted Veilig

kykNET Skole – speel Veilig

e-TV Beats Lab: 24 October

SABC Newsroom – interview: 27 Oct

e-TV eShibobo– FIFA game:

kykNET Jukebox – play Veilig

Online TV:

MK Top 10 – Ode to You: #4


RSG Befonk – interview: 29 Sep

OFM – interview: 15 Oct

Kovsie FM – interview: 15 Oct

ECR – interview:  22 Oct http://iono.fm/e/108964


MFM Top 100: #31 Ode to You & #70 – P.A.R.T.Y.

Puk FM Local Top 30: # 24 Fee Fi Fo Fum (27 Oct) 

Submit Fee Fi Fo Fum:

Tuks FM – playlisted


Rhodes Music Radio

The Grind Radio – playlisted

Puk FM

Voice of Wits FM




Expresso Show: http://www.expressoshow.com/articles/Jack-Parow-Finish-The-Lyrics.html?articleID=6999



Cape Town Magazine – article:  http://www.capetownmagazine.com/10-questions/10-questions-for-jack-parow/201_22_19487

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News24: http://m.news24.com/channel24/Night/Gigs/GIG-GUIDE-Catch-Jack-Parow-at-these-venues-in-October-20141013

Channel24 – article: http://www.channel24.co.za/Night/Gigs/Get-your-midweek-party-on-with-these-gigs-tonight-20141015

Show ME: http://showme.co.za/witbank/interactive/local-personalities/jack-parow-wows-witbank/

Channel 24 Night: http://www.channel24.co.za/Night/News/5-things-you-didnt-know-about-Jack-Parow-20141016

Bands in Town:  http://www.bandsintown.com/event/8870470-jack-parow-pretoria-atterbury-teater-2014?artist=Jack+Parow


Spot The Tourist Tour: Part four

In the fourth episode of The Spot The Tourist Tour, we see two of the craziest shows of the tour. First off Mezz in Breda where the double storied venue hit capacity, and then to the iconic Vera in Groningen, where the party never stops. F*K IT WAS PO#S KOOL!
Shot & killed by Paul Ward // www.whoispaulward.com

Song : "Stuck In Limbo (feat. Nonku)" available now on Itunes
Itunes Belgium: http://on.fb.me/1kayk2h
Itunes Holland: http://bit.ly/1ocS2Be
Itunes RSA: http://bit.ly/1dDNtFJ

Spot The Tourist Tour: Part Three

In the third episode of The Spot The Tourist Tour, Jack Parow heads to Red Bull Studios, Amsterdam to record a new track with Cata.Pirata and  d00p vs. Subp Yao. The evening he travelled to Dauwpop Festival in Hellendoorn, where the Future Leggends stage will never be the same again.
Shot & killed by Paul Ward // www.whoispaulward.com 

Song : "Afrikaans is dood" available now on Itunes
Itunes Belgium: http://on.fb.me/1kayk2h
Itunes Holland: http://bit.ly/1ocS2Be
Itunes RSA: http://bit.ly/1dDNtFJ

De Wereld Draait Door

We have been doing various interviews for the past week. One of the highlights was a live performance on De Wereld Draait Door. Check the performance on 22 May 2014. http://dewerelddraaitdoor.vara.nl/media/315668

See you in the week at our shows.

PS: remember to listen to us live ons 3FM this coming Wednesday 7am.